Hearst Castle oaks after five years of fire mimicry

13 01 2011

Last week I visited Hearst Castle and re-photographed the oaks that have been undergoing treatments with fire mimicry for the past five years. Below are the results. Note that the last two oaks of this series are included as untreated controls. Last year’s results can be seen here.

The above oak has had a severe stem canker infection for many years. While the canopy density of the oak has improved with the fire mimicry treatments, then stem canker is still expanding and I believe will eventually claim this oak as a casualty.

Note the oak shown above and the one below are untreated, for comparison with the treated oaks.




2 responses

1 02 2011
Sylvia Osman

To Lee Klinger,
I met you some years ago when you presented a couple different years to a Sacramento IONS summer program at the huge group camp near Mendocino, CA.
I’m wondering if you still make presentations to new groups who could use your knowledge and expertise?

1 02 2011
Lee Klinger

Hello Sylvia,
Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, I still travel and give presentations, so long at the distance is not too far. Please get in touch if you have any recommendations for presentations.

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