Hidden Villa workshop resources

27 01 2011

Thanks to all the tree and land care professionals who attended the Oak Health Workshop that I taught today at Hidden Villa. Thanks also to Lisa, Maggie, Bill, and others on the staff at Hidden Villa who helped make this workshop happen. Below are the links to some of the papers and books discussed in my talk.

Forest vegetation and soil succession
A 2009 scientific paper by L. Klinger   Read On>>

A holistic approach to mitigating pathogenic effects on trees
A 2008 scientific paper by L. Klinger   Read On >>

Bryophytes and soil acidification effects on trees: the case of Sudden Oak Death
A 2005 scientific paper by L. Klinger   Read On >>

Examining the relationship between fire history and sudden oak death patterns
A scientific paper by M. Moritz and D. Odion   Read On >>

Ecological evidence for large-scale silviculture by California Indians (Chapter 6)
by L. Klinger; in Unlearning the Language of Conquest edited by Four Arrows   Read On >>

Tending the wild
An excellent book by M Kat Anderson  Read On>>



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