Acid rain in Big Sur – October 2011

27 11 2011

Acid rainbow over Big Sur, October 2011. Photo by Lee Klinger.

The rainy season has started early again this year in Big Sur, with the first rains falling on October 3. October rainfall at my rain gauge (see station photo below) totaled 3.53”. Below are the pH readings. Three of the four readings are notable higher (less acidic) than usual here in Big Sur, though all the readings are more acidic than what is considered normal for unpolluted rainfall pH (~ 5.6). This is not meant to imply, however, that the acidity measured here in Big Sur is due to anthropogenic pollution. There is a distinct possibility that a portion of the acidity is coming from natural, oceanic sources. Still, no one knows for sure where the acidity in the Big Sur rain is coming from.

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Sudden Oak Death: Interview with Dr Lee Klinger

15 11 2011

Back in 2008 Kevin Feinstein over at FeralKevin blog interviewed me about Sudden Oak Death. I don’t know if he posted the interview, but reading over it I see that the information is still relevant. With permission from Kevin Feinstein, here is the transcript of that interview: Read the rest of this entry »

Carmel trees respond to fire mimicry

13 11 2011

Six years ago I began fire mimicry treatments on these trees in Carmel . . .

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Monterey oaks improving despite oak worm/moth infestation

4 11 2011

Last week I visited some oaks in Monterey that were first treated with fire mimicry last year at this time. This year there has been a heavy oak worm/moth infestation in the area with many oaks being nearly defoliated. However, most of the treated oaks shown here have not only survived the infestation, they are actually showing signs of improved health since last year. See the photo comparisons below:

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