Oaks in Carmel respond with vigor to fire mimicry treatments

27 05 2013

Five years ago I began fire mimicry treatments on these coast live oaks in Carmel, CA. Last week I checked on the oaks and re-photographed them. Here are the results:




Glen Ellen oaks on the mend

18 05 2013

Three years ago I began fire mimicry treatments on a number of coast live oaks and valley oaks near Glen Ellen, in Sonoma County, CA. I recently did my annual checkup on these oaks and re-photographed them to assess their response. 

Here are the results.


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Hillsborough oaks respond to fire mimicry

3 05 2013


Last year I began restoration work using fire mimicry on a stand of oaks in Hillsborough, CA. I did some clearing of woody understory and moss removal from the trunks, and added alkaline-rich minerals and compost tea to the soils. I also applied a lime spray to the trunks.

Here are the results after just one year.


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