Oaks in Woodside, CA flourishing with fire mimicry

16 01 2015


In 2010 I began fire mimicry treatments on a grove of coast live oaks in Woodside, CA, which are at risk of Sudden Oak Death. Here are the results after four years. None of the oaks has contracted disease, and their canopies are clearly showing an increase in size, greenness, and density. Some light pruning occurred in 2011.

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Recent directions in the science of Gaia

15 01 2015

Congo Canopy

In June of 1988 I attended the first Chapman Conference on the Gaia Hypothesis held in San Diego, CA. There I was introduced to James Lovelock and a host of other influential scientists studying Gaia, including Lynn Margulis, Stephen Schneider, Tyler Volk, and Lee Kump. This pivotal meeting set the stage for my career in exploring the science of Gaia.

In the 1990s I attended the three Gaia in Oxford meetings, which drew scientists like Stephan Harding, Andrew Watson, Susan Canney, and Tim Lenton, all of whom have made significant contributions to the science of Gaia. Read the rest of this entry »

Gaia and Climate Change

10 01 2015


Today an article I wrote on Gaia and climate change was published in The Ecologist [link here]. The article summarizes my thoughts and concerns around the science of climate change. This is the comment and discussion thread for that article.