Marin oaks respond to fire mimicry

4 04 2015


I’ve been away for the past 5 weeks, working on a project in Ireland. (Hint: the project made front page of the New York Times one week ago today.) While I was away I received messages from two clients concerned about the health of their oaks. In both cases they noticed a sudden browning of the oak canopy. The reports were definitely cause for alarm considering the prevalence of Sudden Oak Death, and other diseases and inspect pests that are afflicting the oaks in Marin.

Upon my return I promptly inspected the oaks and and am happy to report that in both cases the sudden “browning” was due to a heavy bloom of male flower clusters, which give the tree a brown appearance. I took photos of both trees, showing that they both are improving noticeably since their initial treatment with fire mimicry.







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