Fairfax oaks treated with fire mimicry and canker surgery

23 05 2016


Nearly two years ago I treated several coast live oaks with fire mimicry. On three of the oaks I performed a surgical procedure to remove the stem canker infections (possibly sudden oak death). The procedure involves surgically removing the infected tissue with an axe, followed by a chisel. Lately I’ve been using a multi tool which does an excellent job at cutting infected bark and wood. Following surgery I’ve been cauterizing the wound with a propane blow torch, then applying a lime wash to the entire trunk. Below are photos of two of the surgeries two years later and I am pleased to report that the wounds are healing up nicely and there is no sign of further infection in these oaks. I would say the procedure is still experimental at this point, but I am more confident to keep trying it after seeing these results. Also below are photos depicting the surgical methods and equipment, as well as other photos sets of the oaks response to a single treatment after two years.


Surgical scar after nearly two years of healing. Note absence of any bleeding or other sign of infection. Read the rest of this entry »