Fire mimicry/canker surgery results with oaks in Fairfax, CA

23 07 2018


In July of 2016 I began fire mimicry treatments on several coast live oaks in Fairfax, CA. Here are photos showing the response of the oaks after two years. As you can see most of the oaks are showing noticeable improvement in canopy greenness and density.

One of the oaks (Case No. 20160722.4 – see below) had two stem canker infections, probably Sudden Oak Death, that were surgically removed and cauterized in 2016. The last two photos below show the healing of the wounds, both on the same tree. There appears to be no sign of a lingering infection. It’s still too soon to say for sure if the procedure has worked, but the healing results so far are better than expected.












2 responses

19 10 2018
Richard Hayden

Hi Lee- Very interesting article.. and the photos are a wonderful way to show your successes. is there a way to subscribe to your blogs?

And our Oaks at Gamble Garden are looking good, thanks for your help.

23 10 2018
Lee Klinger

Thank you Richard for pointing out that I didn’t have a “Follow” button. I’ve added the “Follow” button at the top of the sidebar. I appreciate your interest and support! I’ll be checking on your oaks soon.

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