Coast live oaks in Piedmont, CA after 3 years of fire mimicry . . .

18 10 2018


Yesterday I inspected a grove of coast live oaks, some of them Indian-era (pollarded) trees, to assess their response after 3 years of fire mimicry treatments. The photos here show a pretty dramatic increase in canopy greenness and fullness.

Just curious – are the results and information I post here useful to any of you readers? I’m not much of an IT person and would rather focus on working in the woods, but people keep saying that blogs and social media are the best way to share this information. I dunno, I don’t get many visitors to the blog and almost never a comment. Anyone with an opinion on whether or not these results are useful, please feel free to like or comment.









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20 10 2018

I don’t know how useful this information is since I’m no longer a student researching the subject. I began paying attention to SOD before anyone even knew what to call it. I read a quarter column newspaper story entitled, ‘Mysterious Oak Disease Affecting Redwoods”. This was in the mid to late 1990’s. At some point the pathogen was isolated and in another article I was introduced to Maggie Kelly’s Oakmapper website. Eventually I went back to school and during the undergraduate phase I did a research paper and then during the graduate school phase I did a proposal for a research project concerning SOD. I had to give a presentation for the proposal and one of my classmates introduced me to your website where I immediately signed up for emails. So the usefulness at this point lies in the fact that I love trees and I’m glad to know of your work and I love to see the successes you have. I did signup for the October 13 talk but unfortunately something came up and was unable to attend. I can fully get how you would prefer to spend every moment out in the woods and I can’t think of anything more awesome than a lifetime saving trees, but I would miss your reports.

23 10 2018
Lee Klinger

Interesting to hear about your history with the oak problem. I plan to continue posting for for now. Thank you for your comment!

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