Surgical procedure for removing stem canker infections (See year 1 update below)

30 10 2019


I’m seeing very encouraging results from the surgical procedures I have been performing on oaks with stem canker infections. Here is the sequence of steps. The above photo is of a recent (less than one year) stem canker infection, possibly Sudden Oak Death, of a young coast live oak. The next step is to remove the infected tissue using a hand axe. The photo below shows a partial state of canker removal.


The next photo shows the infected canker tissue entirely removed.


Afterwards the wound is cauterized with a blow torch.


Then a mineral poultice is applied to the wound.


Finally, the oak is fertilized with compost tea and soil minerals, and a limewash is applied to the entire trunk of the oak.


I plan to follow the progress of this oak over then next several years.

YEAR 1 UPDATE: A few days ago I inspected this oak. Below is a photo showing the oak is free of infection and the wound has started to heal.

Below is a photo set of this same oak showing the growth of its canopy.



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