Fire mimicry results from oaks in Fairfax, CA

30 08 2020


Last week I inspected several coast live oaks that have received fire mimicry treatments for the past four years. The above and below photos show the results. Most of the oaks are showing noticeable imrpovement in canopy density, although two of the oaks do not show much change. Fortunately, these oaks have remained mostly free of disease.

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California’s big trees tell a story of overcrowding …

17 08 2020

I recently went on a several week journey to further investigate the big trees of California. Within the past month I have visited Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park, Sequoia National Forest, Sierra National Forest, Redwood National Park, and various northern California state parks. Simply put, there is an overcrowding problem, but not of tourists.


Above is a giant sequoia surrounded by dozens of younger trees, all of which are competing for the same resources as this ancient tree, In previous centuries, these younger trees would have been removed by fires set by the local California natives.


Fallen giant sequoias from paludification, along with over competition.

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