3-year update on surgical procedure for Sudden Oak Death

22 02 2021
surgery-prep copy

Three years ago I came across a coast live oak in Big Sur with two stem canker infections, probably Sudden Oak Death. The above photo shows one of the infections prior to treatment. In the original post two years ago “Surgical procedure for Sudden Oak Death” I showed the suite of steps involved in removing, cauterizing, and poulticing the stem canker infection. This oak has also received fire mimicry treatments, which involve moss and lichen removal, along with applications of compost tea, soil minerals, and limewash. Below are the results after two years. While the wound it darkened due to the cauterization, it is clear to me that upon careful inspection both wounds are showing rapid healing and no sign of infection remains. The final photo set shows that the canopy of the oak is denser and lusher than prior to treatment.


Atherton oaks on the mend …

14 02 2021

Happy Valentines Day! A little over 2 years ago I began fire mimicry treatments on three sick heritage oaks in Atherton, CA. The third oak in this series has a severe stem canker infection, probably Sudden Oak Death, that was surgically treated. Here are the results showing a noticeable improvement in the density of the oak canopies.

Indian Canyon oak

7 02 2021

Today I joined Santa Cruz Permaculture in teaching a fire mimicry workshop at Indian Canyon. Kanyon Sayers-Roods of the Mutsun Costanoan Ohlone joined us to share her wisdom and recount the history of this rare, federally-recognized Indian land in Central California. Above is a photo set of an oak at Indian Canyon that we have treated with fire mimicry for the pat two years.