Upcoming 3-day workshop: Fire Mimicry and Insights into Traditional Ecological Knowledge

31 10 2021

Indian Canyon Nation, EcoCamp Coyote, and Sudden Oak Life are collaborating on an upcoming 3-day intensive workshop titled “Fire Mimicry and Insights of Traditional Ecological Knowledge” being held at Indian Canyon November 12-14, 2021. This event will feature Kanyon Sayers-Roods (Mutsun Ohlone), Ruth Orta (Him•re-n of Ohlone, Bay Miwok, and Plains Miwok), Ero Gorski and Leo Lauchere (EcoCamp Coyote), and Lee Klinger (Sudden Oak Life). Here are some of the topics we will cover:

• identifying culturally modified trees and landscapes

• the science and practice of fire mimicry

• demonstration of stem canker surgical procedure

• considerations for acorn harvesting

• methods of oak seedling propagation.

This is a rare event and should not be missed by anyone passionate about tending oaks and other native trees. More information and registration for the event are here.

Coast live oak at Indian Canyon tended with fire mimicry since 2019




4 responses

31 10 2021

Would it be possible to attend for only one or two days or is it required to attend for all three days? I realize that of course I would miss important material by missing a day but I am already scheduled to work.

Let me know.

Warmest regards,


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1 11 2021
Lee Klinger

Yes, that should not be a problem. Please register soon. The fee is a sliding scale.

5 11 2021
Rick Niemi

How does someone register? I can’t find any sign up links on this site.

7 11 2021
Lee Klinger

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