Photo montage of a stem canker surgery

27 03 2022

Here’s a series of photos showing the progress of a stem canker surgery I did today on a coast live oak in La Selva Beach, CA. The procedure involves canker removal with axe and power tools, cauterization, and poultice application. The prognosis is good.



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28 03 2022

From a small lesion, to a very big wound. Was removal of all that living tissue necessary? Also the poultice; is that the white material paint it on? Does it consist of lime and ash? I would love to see some after pictures showing the wounds closed.

I’m an advocate and practitioner of wound surgery and cauterization and mineral drenching. I would like to learn more about your method.

28 03 2022
Lee Klinger

Thanks for your comment. I find, almost without exception, that the infected tissue inside the tree is much greater than can be seen from the outside. I removed all the infected (discolored) tissue, hence the large wound. The poultice is a traditional limewash comprise mainly of lime and ash.

I’m very curious to know more of your work. Are you working with oaks? Do you have any results to share on the surgeries you’ve performed?

As for some before-and-after pictures of surgeries here are some previous posts on that topic:

Big Sur oak continues to flourish 4 years after canker surgery

Successful stem canker surgery on coast live oak in Kentfield, CA

Update on stem canker surgery on coast live oak in Monterey, CA

Coast live oak in Big Sur cured of stem canker infection using fire mimicry + surgery

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