Images from the Spring 2022 Fire Mimicry and TEK workshop at Indian Canyon

16 05 2022
Opening circle

This past weekend Sudden Oak Life, EcoCamp Coyote, and Indian Canyon Nation joined efforts to choreograph the second FIre Mimicry and TEK workshop. This hands on 3-day event was attended by over 30 enthusiastic participants who took a deep dive into the ecology of fire and the practice of fire mimicry in the context of Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK). Our host and teacher of Indigenous knowledge was Kanyon Sayers-Roods (Mutsun Ohlone). Here are various images from the workshop. If you missed this event, please come to our Fall 2022 FIre Mimicry and TEK workshop at Indian Canyon in November.

An Ancestor oak at Indian Canyon treated with fire mimicry at the workshop
EcoCamp Coyote’s mobile, (nearly) fossil fuel free, vegan kitchen
Mega solar oven
Cob oven used for vegan pizza night
Story telling around the fire
Sweetgrass and ocha root offerings, compliments of Jeff (Willy) Wilson
Removing bark-damaging mosses from an Ancestor oak
Applying limewash (aka liquid fire) to the trunks of the oaks
Limewash helps protect the oaks from diseases, insect pests, and mosses
Applying alkaline-rich mineral nutrients to the soils around the oaks
Surgical removal of an oak borer infestation in the trunk of an oak
Turns out to be a major infestation
Presumed oak borer larvae
Removing deeper parts of the infestation with power tools
Following surgery, the wound is cauterized
The cauterized wound is then dressed with a mineral poultice



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