How to prepare a grove of ancient oaks for cultural burning

10 08 2022

Here are several time-lapse videos from today showing our efforts to prepare a grove of ancient coast live oaks for reintroduction of cultural fire via fire mimicry. Notice that our focus is on removing ladder fuels in ensure that any cultural fires remain on the ground (good fire), rather than spreading into the canopies (bad fire).


An oak grove in Carmel Valley tended today with fire mimicry …

4 08 2022

Another Wednesday at Carmel Valley doing fire mimicry …

3 08 2022

Here are a couple of videos of fire mimicry work we did today in Carmel Valley. Notice how we cleared the ladder fuels around the oaks, to help ensure that they survive and even prosper after a ground fire (good fire), rather than be killed by a canopy destructive fire (bad fire). Many thanks to my fine and hard-working crew!

Carmel Valley fire mimicry phase 1 – clearing, thinning, and pruning

2 08 2022

These time lapse videos are of the fire mimicry work done with my coworkers over the past two days. Note how we are careful to remove the ladder fuels, so that any fires are more likely to stay on the ground (good fire), rather than spread into the canopy (bad fire). Enjoy!