Welcome to Sudden Oak Life!

20 03 2009

For all of you who have been following this work over the years – many thanks for your steadfast interest and support.

As you may have noticed the Sudden Oak Life website has recently changed. Being the moderator of this website I have decided to switch to a blog format, which I believe will serve folks better by making the site more interactive. Many thanks to Luis A. Frigo for his dedicated effort in the design and construction of the new site.

All pertinent information and documents on the former website can still be found here under the About, Case Studies, Newsroom, and Resources tabs.

I will be periodically posting stories on topics relevant to oak health, green tree care, veteran trees, organic farming, master gardening, ethnoecology, forest decline, acid rain, climate change, and Gaia. Posts are now open for comments. Critical opinions are welcome. Please keep all comments respectful. If you have the urge to submit a guest post, then send me an email (lee@suddenoaklife.org).

Oh yes and – the opinions expressed on Sudden Oak Life, other than those expressed by Lee Klinger personally, are those of the individual posters and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Sudden Oak Life or myself.

One final caveat, I live off the grid where electricity and internet are not always available. So I’ll probably be asking for your patience at times while comments are in moderation.

Today the sun is shining.