Forest vegetation and soil succession
A 2009 scientific paper by L. Klinger   Read On>>

A holistic approach to mitigating pathogenic effects on trees
A 2008 scientific paper by L. Klinger   Read On >>

Bryophytes and soil acidification effects on trees: the case of Sudden Oak Death
A 2005 scientific paper by L. Klinger   Read On >>

Examining the relationship between fire history and sudden oak death patterns
A scientific paper by M. Moritz and D. Odion   Read On >>

Ecological evidence for large-scale silviculture by California Indians (Chapter 6)
by L. Klinger; in Unlearning the Language of Conquest edited by Four Arrows   Read On >>

Tending the wild
An excellent book by M Kat Anderson  Read On>>

Sudden Oak Death: What’s in it for us?
A discussion of oak health with parallels to human health by A. Rader   Read On >>

Minerals for aging soils
A popular article by L. Klinger   Read On >>

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