Esalen oaks respond to fire mimicry

26 04 2019


On April 20, 2012 I gave an Earth Day workshop on at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA, where I initiated fire mimicry treatments on several coast live oaks. Since then I have been tending these oaks on a regular basis. Today I inspected the oaks and treated them again. The photos (above and below) show the response after 7 years . . .

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Oaks in Burlingame, CA respond to fire mimicry

22 04 2019


Last week I inspected a grove of oaks in Burlingame, CA that I’ve been tending with fire mimicry for five years. Here are recent photos showing their progress . . .

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Fire mimicry results after 7 years in Hillsborough, CA

17 04 2019


Today I inspected several coast live oaks that I began treating with fire mimicry in 2012. the photos above an below shoe the progress of these oaks over the past 7 years. If you believe that these results are due to the recent wet weather, please scroll down to see results from the drought years.


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Fire mimicry results on Marin County oaks

4 04 2019



This past week I checked on several coast live oaks in Marin County that I’ve been treating for the past 1 to 7 years using fire mimicry techniques. The photos above are of an oak that I’ve treated for the past 7 years. The next two photos are of an oak I’ve treated for the past 5 years. The remainder of the photos are results of oaks I treated last year. I trust you can see the benefits of using fire mimicry in aiding the health of oaks.

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