Five-year results of fire mimicry on oaks in Carmel, CA – Part 1

30 09 2019


Last week I inspected a grove of oaks in Carmel, CA that have received several fire mimicry treatments. While the photos were taken under different light conditions, they do indicate a clear increase in foliage density over the years. However, one oak in this grove was lost earlier this year in a high wind event.

Part 2 of this post will show the results of fire mimicry treatments along with a major stem canker surgery on one of these oaks (see if you can guess which one).

These photos add to mounting evidence that oaks, and many other kinds of trees, need to be tended in order to flourish. As we are now aware, doing nothing is not a viable long-term treatment plan for oaks. See for yourself what can be achieved in just a few years …











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